The Architects are one of those bands you’ve probably seen around, probably caught a wisp of them across the internet, especially if you follow My Chemical Romance and their musical friends. I’d heard a few things here are there, but admittedly never found myself drawn to them. 

But that’s all changed…

I have no idea what made me click on a Retweet one day last week, some kind of advertisement about the band’s new EP Border Wars that’s recently been unleashed, but I’m sure as shit glad I did.

From track one of this six track EP I found myself instantly sucked in by the ripping intro of Peter Fonda. The track itself is just the perfect embodiment of pure American rock n roll, an element which carries on through the rest of the EP. The third track, Lucky, is extremely reminiscent of punk, both British and American with its punchy riffs and pogo worthy choruses. This can also be felt through the following track Heartbreaker, a catchy little number with a chorus you can’t help but wail along to.

The songs are bouncy, they’re catchy - they make you want to drive fast down empty roads at sunset. Basically, it’s just good fuckin’ music.

So, if like me you are a complete moron that somehow missed the memo on this bunch of talented Kansas City based musicians, this is your wake up call. You need this band in your life. Trust me.

You can grab the EP here: